Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cool title.

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of updates, the last few weeks have been excruciating when it comes to poker.

Well, I bought a $4k bonus at the start of the year. I was pretty excited to grind and get this bonus over with, but what happened has absolutely shocked and demotivated me.

I've never ran this bad before. Those of you who know me well, know how I don't really like to complain about bad runs but this what has transpired is absolutely surreal. Every session I'm getting coolered and losing stacks where I get people to spazz out and still they get there. I'm aware it's a part of poker and I accept it, I'm just so frustrated atm that I have to vent, sorry about that ;-)

Anyway, here's a graph of the month up to this point... it's almost done anyway but I think I'm gonna grind hard tomorrow and who knows, I might ship 20 buyins or something :-D

That's actually 40 buyins below EV for the month, which is unparalleled for me, biggest EV difference was probably 15 or something (below EV too, but have been above EV before)

That's ok though, it's just a very rough stretch and I'm reviewing hands again after each session to make sure I make no mistakes and my game isn't being affected (only have like 1-2 major mistakes per session and most times they are like misclicks or situations where I don't remember the action in the street before LOL :-P)

Also, I'm only at 21k VPPs for the year which is laughable, I guess I should be at like 85k or so at this point.... no problem, I'll just pick up later, this month didn't start out exactly how I planned so I'll try to re-start the year properly in February.


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