Thursday, February 4, 2010

January results and February so far.


January was an epic fail. Hardly played at all because my morale was down.

Finished the month with 20k VPPs total, far away from the 90k VPPs required to be on pace. That's ok, I plan to play a bunch in February.

This is my graph for the month of January:

Anyway, February WILL be an epic month.

First off, a new SICK gym will open near me and I plan on getting out of my ass and working out at least 4 days/week till the end of the month in order to lose 10kg.

Second of all, I'm midway through my $4k bonus so that's basically guaranteed profit this month, I have this sick feeling February will be the best month since I've played poker, both money wise and life wise. Stay tuned.

Last but not least, my drivers license exam is this month (FINALLY). Still got a few classes to go but I feel like I already have a good grasp on how cars work, now I just gotta keep practicing and stop exceeding every speed limit known to mankind so I can own the exam.

Stay tuned, I plan to be very involved in poker this month and to even discuss some strat so you readers will def enjoy reading this.

Cya later.


Jessica said...

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speedle said...

Not interested ty

David Abreu said...

vamoooos speedas :)

Good luck on your comeback to highly profitable months !

JorgeNevada said...

speedas, que niveis jogas, se nao e indiscricao?