Sunday, March 1, 2009

Long time...

... no see.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I haven't really been interested in writing in the past couple of months but due to repeated requests I decided not to let a few people down and start writing again.

March is the month that marks a fresh start. New semester starts so now I'll have more responsibilities outside of poker (college, mainly) so I can't be fooling around anymore and will have to start working hard.

As such, my goals for this month are:

- 100k hands of midstakes.
- $20k total profit.
- Attend all my classes, both college and drivers license.
- Gym 2 times a week.
- Start waking up earlier.
- Play the Betfair Portuguese Poker Tour, which will be my live tourney debut.
- Update this blog AT LEAST 4 times a week.

That's it basically. I think I'm gonna put in a 6k hand session later so I'm planning on updating the blog again with results and some hands.



Yuranus said...

its probably the 1st time I right here but i follow this blog for a long time.

why ?

- because you are a good poker player IMHO
- because you also write in english and you are portuguese like me

I wish good luck in your debut in a LIVE tournment see you there

dobieatwar said...

Welcome back Kotter.

Which btw, HSP season 5 started again on pokertube.