Monday, March 2, 2009

Sick :(

Jesus, bad start to the month.

A lot of tilt and some bad play mixed in there but I'm running fairly bad, everyone hits pairs, backdoors etc in situations where I'm almost forced to look them up which sucks for me :D

Interesting hands: - This hand was interesting.

Opponent was very peculiar, he mixed it up a lot between limping and minraising, although when he limped he generally had a weaker range. A6o is a somewhat weak hand but at this point in the match I felt I knew his tendencies postflop well enough for it to warrant a raise (he folded probably twice to a raise and never 3 bet after limping so I was positive I was going to a flop)

Flop middle pair top kicker in a very coordinated flop so I bet, for value. Not really worried about getting blown off my hand by weaker hands because he rarely raised draws in position.

He calls and the turn pairs the board, which is fantastic for me. I bet once again for value and he calls. When he calls turn he pretty much always has flush draws (this was what I was putting my money on at the time) and 78/34 and the other times he has something like 77-99. I don't think he'd flat a T again after flatting top pair on the flop, although not impossible.

Betting the Kbrick river is horrendous because I'm virtually never getting called by worse and I have the best hand a lot so all I need to do is bluffcatch by check/calling. I kinda hesitated before calling because I always hesitate before bluffcatching passive players on the river but nevertheless I called and my hand was good. He ended up having total air with J high so that was good. - This hand tilted me beyond belief.

Guy was steaming a bit, 3 betting most hands so I called with A9s. Flop TPTK with a BDFD on a coordinated flop so before he even bets I'm already figuring out a plan to get my stack in. He saves me the trouble by open shoving... I think that sometimes I'm getting owned by something like KK-TT here but it's heads up poker, I can't really fold. - Extremely weird hand.

"Wtf was this guy thinking.."

Villain in this hand is a guy who usually sits at my tables with 20 big blinds and is a known douchebag (he hit and runs, table blocks, does all sorts of weird crap) in the headsup community.

Today he sat at some of my tables and I refused to play him, like usual, because I don't play professional shortstackers headsup. Well, shortly after, he sits at a table fullstacked and shoves over my raise. People did this to me 3 times in my short HU career... those 3 times I folded and they insta sat out and left the table so that was I was thinking would happen in this case.

Now, at the time I was steaming from a session before where I tilted off $1k to some guy and for some reason I remembered Q7o is called the computer hand because (I'm not sure on this) it has something like 51% equity against a random hand range. Tilt, the prospect of me getting closer to even on the day in an apparent situation where it could be close to neutral EV and the fact that I assumed he was shoving any two cards in this spot made me click my mouse extremely fast. I didn't suckout.

This is a hand I'm not particularly proud of and it's a secure fold on retrospect but it's probably going to be the only time I stack off with Q7o preflop with some reasoning to back it up :D

I'm done for today because I'm tired, tilted and angry and also cause I have to wake up in 6 hours for school so that's that.



Frederico said...

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AJLima5 said...

Boas, speedas.

Fui eu que disse que te queria contactar na thread do teu vídeo na PokerPT. Não o consigo fazer através do 2+2, não encontro essa opção em lado nenhum. Assim, decidi vir por aqui.

Antes de mais, já actualizavas isto.

Depois, estou-te a chatear porque estou a pensar passar parte da minha banca para fora da Unibet para tentar FR noutro site. E a ideia é multitablar à bruta.

Em tempos já joguei FR na FullTilt e na iPoker, até NL50, com razoável sucesso, a jogar o ABC e a seguir o starting hands chart da PokerStrategy. Mas entretanto saltei para 6max.

Gostava, se tiveres para isso, que me desses umas dicas relativamente a que material (videos, artigos, threads, ...) estudar para recomeçar. Já andei pela DeucesCracked mas não encontrei muita coisa.

Se, de entre os teus fãs :^p, conheceres alguém que esteja a pensar ir pelo mesmo caminho, também me sabia bem um buddy para acompanhar a evolução.

O meu MSN é, if it suits you.

Um abraço e gg,