Monday, September 15, 2008


Brag: 3rd +$800 session in a row (2 at 100nl and 1 at 200nl)
Beat: Only now am I'm even from the $3.2k downswing.
Variance: Still far away from my $16k goal.

Played a 5.xk hand session at 100NL just now. I'm completely shattering that limit (5.4ptbb this month over a smallish sample of 22k hands) and it's way, WAY more profitable than playing 200NL for a 2ptbb winrate so I'll keep playing 100NL until my winrate here justifies no longer playing lower than 200NL.

Don't think I ran insanely hot or anything. Positive around 2 buyins in AIE and had 4 KK vs AA (won one of them where the guy flats my 4 bet and the flop comes K high and he gets stacked obv)

I really love playing 100NL though... regs here even though a little nitty have a wider stacking off range and I had 2 fullstacked fish stacking off with top pair vs me just today whereas I can count by my fingers the number of times I recall a 200NL fish doing that in 130k hands or so.

Didn't play any interesting hand today so I wont post any.

6.9k VPPs cleared out of 28k VPPs

Classic Scarface scene $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


behhh04 said...

absolutely crushing. nice one.

Xerxes said...

You'll win 10ptbb/100 in NL50, imo...

speedle said...

xerxes, you disgust me

Ranka said...

Hey donk, I am waiting for updates.