Sunday, September 14, 2008

we are the seed of the new breed


Played a short 200nl session today. 3k hands for a profit of $800.

Played ok and ran decent.

Cleared about 5k VPPs of the 28k VPPs to clear the $4k bonus. Thats about 70k hands of 100nl if the 200nl tables keep sucking (my lifetime winrate at 200nl is about 2ptbb and lately my 100nl ptbb is around 4.5 so I might play some 100nl to clear this bonus)

Played one interesting hand vs a 2p2er today: -> I was playing HUDless this session but I had the vague idea this guy was somewhat weak tight. Flop TPTK on a highly drawy board and I get raised by a small amount. First of all, I opened in EP so my range is fairly tight right there so his flatting range will be stuff like pocket pairs, suited connectors (like 78s or stuff like that) and ocasionally high cards (AK/KQ/AQ/AJs/KJs). When he raises my flop cbet his range is obviously made up by sets, KJs (on ocasion) and the suited connectors I was talking about (although at the time I was rather unsure whether he'd raise them or not cause I lacked the hud numbers) I call even OOP because I want to see a relatively safe turn so I can decide what to do with this hand. Turn is the 3s so the flush gets there but now I have the nutflush draw I check and he checks behind (which pretty much means he has a set and is afraid of the flush card) River bricks and given that he checked the turn which indicates most likely weakness and a propensity to give up on the hand (he cant be slowplaying the nutflush in this hand) I think I make him fold out sets often enough to make this work. I overbet jam the river all the time as both bluffs and the nuts btw and I rarely throw bets like $80 into those pots.

Felt pretty retarded afterwards for trying to bluff someone out of a set but I was so confident about his hand and was also sure that he was looking for a reason to fold so I tried it out.

:) :) :) :)


Xerxes said...

Fold the flop, fish :D

What did you expect ? An ace on the turn and a king on the river ?

speedle said...

No, obviously A on the turn and A on the river ;) ;) ;)