Monday, September 8, 2008

september 8th


Played a short 6k hand session today.

Proud to say that I earned that money today. Played fine (except for a spot vs the same guy where I almost spewed an entire stack) so I'm happy with it. About 1 buyin down in AIE but no biggie.

Didn't have any interesting hands today, just standard spots. This one was fun though: -> yes.

Also on nonpoker related news, watched a couple of films yesterday, The Dark Knight and Requiem for a Dream. TDK actually didn't impress me as a whole but The Joker obviously did. Requiem for a Dream is simply amazing, I highly recommend it in case you haven't seen it yet.

Over & out


Ranka said...

go away from stars! You are killing the games!

also I love your blog and youtube links :)

speedle said...

thanks ranka, I just wish you'd start an english blog too :(

Tripas said...


dobieatwar said...

Great job speedle, you are posting huge wins day after day.