Friday, September 12, 2008



Sorry I took so long to update, the last few days have been really hard poker wise... I just can't seem to get my hands to hold and that seriously takes a huge dent in my profits.

I have some of the hands of the last few days in my laptop so I'll update the post tomorrow with some hands and graphs.

Meanwhile, I played a "10k" hand session today at 100NL (200NL tables seemed absolutely horrendous plus I'm clearing the bonus so this crap can only get worse) Went ok I guess, won SOME of the hands I was supposed to win but got a bunch of cooler hands (4 KK vs AA preflop and stuff like that) so there isn't much for me to do. Also down approx 3 buyins in AIE.

Todays graph:

Favorite hands from today: -> Guy here was a total idiot (I was playing HUDless but I was pretty sure he was a donk) He seemed extremely aggro and had a bunch of stacks IIRC so I took a flop with this hand even OOP because I plan on taking the pot away from him postflop. Flop an OESD and given the board texture and the kind of opponent I'm dealing with I chose to just call. Turn a pair so my hand is definitely shaping up... if I raise here I accomplish nothing but folding out worse and keeping in better and most times he's bluffing here anyway so I just call again. River pairs the board with is pretty much the nuts for me because now he has to have an overpair or a better 9 here a bunch of times (he will sometimes but not as often to justify a fold getting these odds) My hand is good. -> I guess I must piss people off. -> Guy here felt loose typical friday night guy. Flop a gutshot and an overpair so bet obviously. He check/raises which can mean a wide range of hands, from flush draws to better overpairs to stuff like 45 A4 55 etc I just call because I have position and the best hand often times. Turn is an 8 and he leads for a little over half pot which I think feels fishy so I shove here because I think I'll get called by worse often... there are the flushdraws with overs and stuff like that that will gladly stack off there so.. I turned out to be right. "Someone" commented on ICQ that I'm a retard for making this play... he's probably right but I still like it. -> Favorite over a set AND a made str8... but I brick lololol.

That's it for now.

Let'em bet the flop, let'em bet the turn and then BAM, POP'EM ON THE RIVAH

Also, here's an hand a friend of mine who got deep in the HU WCOOP $320 event played:

Congrats on getting that far mekkas. You have potential KID.


Tripas said...


Ranka said...

tripas you are some kind of hater?

Xerxes said...

LOL @ Tripas :D

Stay in 100 imo, the NL200 games are very very tough (6 Kelisitaan/table :( ).

Tripas said...

No ranka, just a friend :)

speedle said...

yes tripas is the biggest hater of them all, cocksucker hates my guts :(

Ranka said...

Hmm.. Speedle, you are playing 10k hands in a day and you have a friend????

WTF is this a level?

Ok. I am sorry for trolling, I promise that I won't do that anymore :)

speedle said...

jesus you people really like making fun of me :'(((((((((

ranka I didn't expect that from you... perhaps from tripas or xerxes... xerxes especially but not from you :'( i'm hurt

Micro Stakes Grinder said...

speedle, if anyone's hasseling you in your own blog, just POP'EM ON THE RIVER imo.