Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Played 10k hands today to finish in the red.

Played horribly in some big pots and ran like crap the whole time (6 KK vs AA and 4 set over sets lol.....)

Im really getting tired of this nitty environment so if 400NL plays like 200NL does I'll probably switch to 6 max. Tired of worrying about set over set when I flop one or worrying if I'm going to get coolered with KK PF instead of looking for the best way to get stacks in. No more of this from these fcking nits.

Some hands:

http://www.pokerhand.org/?3106159 -> Biggest pot I ever lost. Was playing HUDless and I had no reads at the time and he was at a couple of tables so I assumed he was the standard 200NL reg (aka nitty) so I wanted to see a flop seeing as we're deep and his raise came from UTG, sounding very strong. Flop huge with an OESD + FD so the price of poker has got to go up.. turn is a K. I think the K won't be a scare card to most of his range (I doubt i'm folding stuff im behind of by betting here) so I just check behind. River a flush and he bets close to pot... he's strong here ALWAYS but I just hoped he had KKK or AA and shoved (made a huge blunder here, acted by instinct when I shoved and failed to realize I was shoving more than a buyin into the pot) He snapped off with the nuts (obv, why would people stack off with anything other than that?) so I lost my biggest pot ever.

http://www.pokerhand.org/?3106192 -> Had been battling with this guy and he seemed prone to tilt given the frequency I was 3 and 4 betting him. Standard preflop 3 bet (this is actually for value because he calls me with worst often) Cbet the flop because he misses most times and I want to take it down right there and he just calls... when he calls I doubt he has draws here because most draws will have overs and he'll shove that vs me because he hates my guts, so I think his range here is often 1 pair hands. Turn is the A which pretty much means that I have the best hand here ALWAYS so I c/c because by checking I allow him to turn some of his hands into a bluff. River puts trips on the board so I rather shove because my line looks rather weak and people never fold full houses (especially with our history) He snapped me off btw.

I'm at 195k VPPs and I've ordered the $2k bonus, will try to clear it tomorrow. 104k hands for the month so I think tomorrow I'll reach my hand # goal.

;) ;) ;)