Saturday, August 16, 2008


Final tabled the 100FPP saturday donkament today, took 2nd place for $1.6k I think.

I'm not a very good heads up player (especially with 15BB stacks) but I had the chiplead and got it in a couple of times, once he sucks out on the turn with bottom pair vs my mid pair, another time I get it in with KQ vs his KJ and the board pairs, and the final hand was my K5s vs his A7o... flop came A high with my flush draw but the turn and river bricked, so not much to do.

Kinda happy with my performance in this donkament (I have to thank Chargers for railing me the middle stages) because I really didn't think I'd make this far given that the last donkament (not counting SNGs) I played was like 3 or 4 months ago. This was also my first final table in a donkament since like 1 year back when I used to play freerolls (well this is a freeroll too, but it pays better)

Doubt I'll be playing any ring games tonight, took 5 hours to play this so I'm already tired.



Ranka said...

Nice job.

I can't remember when I made my last final table. I think it was more than a year ago :( But fortunately I play tournies so rarely and it's not big deal for me when I don't hit final table.

NRReis said...

GG Sir! Tens aqui um leitor assiduo.

GL allways!

SplitSuit said...

congrats sir! always nice going deep in an MTT to break away from the monotony of cash game grinding.

also, i added you on my blogroll...if u wudnt mind adding me:

thnx, and glgl!!