Monday, August 11, 2008


Haven't played much at all the last few days, with the exception of some random HU sng's (prob up about 1 buy aka 20 bucks) because I don't really have the will because of how the games constantly look... every table has at least 5 regs during week time so that kinda drains a bit of my willingness to play.

Kinda far from my goal for this month (120k hands with $16k total profit)... here's how the month looks so far:

Not very sexy but not horrific either taking into account that it's my first "serious" month playing at this limit. Hopefully it will keep going up as I keep playing and, subsequently, improving.

I think I need to work mainly on my preflop game because I feel so comfortable postflop given how people play their holdings that there's no immediate need to rectify anything. My main preflop flaw is that I give people no credit whatsoever in obvious steal/resteal spots when these guy's ranges (except for a couple of players) are always a lot tighter than I give them credit for, so that gets me into some shitty spots all the time and costs me a bunch of money.

On life related news, I'm going to sign myself up for the drivers license course tomorrow (in my country you have to be at least 18 years old and you have to pay something around 600 euros for it lol) so I can stop being one of the few people of my age that can't drive around here. I'm only just now going for it because I chose to pay for this myself (instead of having my parents pay for it like it's standard around here) because both my parents paid their drivers license for themselves and I actually like to be able to say that I worked hard to have something I enjoy (not sure if that makes much sense but whatever)

On a more hilarious note:

Peace out homies.


Sérgio said...

Parece eu sozinho em casa...a levar badbeats... :(

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