Friday, August 15, 2008

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Skill will only take you so far in this game, your luck has to define the rest.... and when my luck is based on the premise that 2 outers are the best hand, not much for me to do...

This past week:

It hurts my game, it hurts my results, it hurts my will to play, idk wtf to do anymore... I refuse to believe that I'm a breakeven player. Just isn't possible, I know what I see day in and day out and each passing day I become more and more aware how bad people truly are.

Whatever, sorry to bitch but I had to let it out.



Ranka said...

Bookmarked and from today I am your blog daily reader.

Also you are writing in english, right? If yes, then change your "blog" language to english :)

Tripas said...