Thursday, August 28, 2008


Played about 6k hands today. All 100NL cause the 200NL tables seemed horrible beyond belief.

Some hands: -> Unknown at the time. We were 200BBs deep so I was kinda reluctant to 3bet a UTG raiser. Flop TPTK with a BDFD and he cbets. I raise because he's a 100NL unknown so probably bad and he min 3 bets... when he does this I think he either has exactly AA or something he totally spazzed out with so I just call and let him do the betting for me. Turn a backdoor flush draw and he bets around half pot... I don't like a shove here because i'm only folding out worst that will probably shove river. I river awesome and he spazzed out with middle pair. Nice to win a 400BB pot for a change. -> Hand plays itself out but it was nice because this is my 4th str8 flush in my career lol -> This guy was a multitabling reg. I just destroyed him this session, can't remember of the last time I pounded on a reg the way that I did and how badly he reacted. Always nice to have people calling your 3 bets with A9o OOP

That's it for today. Hopefully I'll play a ton tomorrow (if the 200nl tables don't suck)