Friday, August 22, 2008


Haven't played much the last few days.... tables are awful all the time so I have the lack of will to play. Maybe tomorrow I'll play some 10k hands because its saturday and donks are out lolollo

Played around 2k hands of 100NL today (200NL tables REALLY sucked and I wanted to get my fix lololol) It was a different session because LearningCurve from 2p2 railed me and it was a fine experience to learn and teach at the same time while I was playing. Also played 2k hands of 200NL on Thursday but quickly was disencouraged because of how quickly the tables switched from decent to bad.

Here's a graph of the last 3 days (includes 100 and 200NL)

Hopefully tomorrow I have a huge, HUGE session so I can brag instead of whine :D

Represent homies.