Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nice little session.


Played 8k hands today for a nice profit of $1.9k. Played OK, I guess but I'm still not happy with some spots I got myself into (vs the same guy actually, I think he has me under control... I will have to examine his play on PT) Finished up around 2 buyins in AIE which is nice (mostly against ratholers which is even nicer). Only 18 or something to go to recover from last week lololol

Some hands:

http://www.pokerhand.org/?3072213 -> This one is proof of how retarded I am. Tried to get cute by betting $17.9 (please note the point) but forgot about actually typing it and when i noticed it was too late lolololol Anyway I can't fold for 7 bucks more pal, SPIKE ME A K DEALER ONE TIME... yeah right

http://www.pokerhand.org/?3072222 -> Guy here was getting pissed with me, I'd regularly raise his SB limp and he always called and c/f the flop. When he limp/min3bets I think his hand is face up as KK+ so I opted to call such a weak hand like T2o (prob mediocre at best but I felt so confident as to what his hand was that I chose to grab the opportunity in position) Flop comes J high with a BD str8 draw which is still mediocre. He checks it to me and this has c/mr written all over it and since I have T high just check it back and try to spike a BD. I spike the 8 so now I'm openended with 8 outs and he bets $20. Raising here is bad because I have no fold equity but I feel so confident that I will stack his hand on a river that improves me (I will ABSOLUTELY need to accomplish that to make this play acceptable at best) River makes my str8 he bets $20 again which at the time felt like KK asking to go to showdown cheap but.. no can do sir, stick it in. He obliged and mucked. Questionable preflop call but postflop I think it's standard (taking into account I'll stack him 100% of the times I hit, which I think I will vs this guy) Not sure about the math here but you can comment it if I'm making a huge blunder. Thanks.

I'm at about 190k VPPs after this sess so I'm really close to the milestone. Also at 200k FPPs so also close to the $4k bonus. Will try to put in 10k hands tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.


antonio said...

hey speedle.

lol at first hand, happens to me too sometimes, sucks big time.

I like second hand postflop, but it's marginal at best preflop, i think. Should be a no brainer if both were 200BB deep or something. The postflop call is correct and ,like you said, very marginal because the straight is not the best one, a Q would kill you, the 7 was the only option.

Wasnt villain capable of 3betting you light with a suited connecter knowing that you were raising him everytime? If so, would that make this play profitable by yourself?

keep up the blog, speedle, nice work and gl at the tables.


Anonymous said...

keep on grinding!!

Tripas said...


dobieatwar said...

Nice blog.

I linked you to mine, if you like, do the same: http://dobieatwar.blogspot.com/


behhh04 said...

haha 8k hands in one day. How mnay tables you play? Nice grinding sir.

Mário Sousa said...

mr speedle
congratulations on your excellent blog
i wonder if i could have your opinion on this: how are my odds if i have a jalete/sota pre-flop?
best regards