Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Short session.

Played a short session today, ran hot (mostly PF stuff like AA vs JJ and 77 when 2 overaggro regs who give me no credit called my 5bet shove)

Quit the session relatively early because people were check/minraising me on every flop (no exception, every single flop I cbet was getting minraised) and it was starting to induce tilt so I opted to just quit since the effect of marijuana the RNG had been on was probably wearing off.

Favorite hand of the session: -> Guy here is a very aggro reg who doesn't give me any credit. Not a very tough hand for me to play, he c/raises when I flop the 2nd nuts so I opt to just call the flop because I will have position and that's the best way to maximize value out of his whole range. Bad spot to bluff son :(

The $2k bonus has been credited into my account today (it's 10k VPPs to clear it) and I've cleared 1.3k of those with this session today.