Friday, August 29, 2008


Worst day ever.

Lost $1.3k playing 200NL and $400 playing 100NL.

Not much to do, just beat after beat, cooler after cooler and me playing bad in easy spots because of some tilt.

I kinda expected this, though... I'm clearing a bonus so the doomswitch has to appear sometime... maybe I'll just play 100NL the remainder of the month so I don't risk as much since I'm doomswitched while I'm clearing it.

Clearing the $4k bonus is out of the question and since I lost $1.7k today I will not meet my $16k goal for the month.

I refuse to believe it's due to my play btw, even though I'm spewing in some spots where my style of play does not allow me to do otherwise (idk, I feel like if I change these little aspects I have to change my entire style and my current style sounds profitable enough at these limits) The moment I start having doubts about my game it will only get worst so... screw that, I'm not going down.

I also decided that I will most likely quit 24 tabling once I move up to midstakes (probably will 12-16 table) so I might think about switching to a more profitable site given that Stars's midstakes FR games have a couple of months left before they become total wastelands. Maybe one of the european networks, idk yet.