Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Played 10k hands today.

Overall I'm very happy with how I've been playing lately but the RNG simply does not give me a break. It happens though, everyone's supposed to go through this crap otherwise the fish would be playing chess or something by now lololol

Don't really want to share any hands today because most of the big hands I lost were just coolers/suckouts spots, and since I dont really want this blog to be a bad beat central I'll just spare you of that... ;)

Found a way to get around some of my preflop leaks so I'm happy about that too, been playing solid all around lately so I'm really proud of the way my game's evolving.

Might put in another 10k hand session tomorrow, not really sure yet but it's almost the mid of the month and I need to have 60k hands put in by the 15th to be on pace for my 120k hand goal.

I'm at 175k VPPs after this session, so I'm guessing I'll reach the 200k VPP milestone sometime around the 28th or something so that's cool because I'm pretty sure I'll put in $6k in bonuses this month ($4k from the 250k FPP bonus and $2k from the milestone)

Just to close this post, here's a song from a group I'm really into: