Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Played about 8.2k hands today.

Very disappointed with the way I played today, acted like a total spewmonkey preflop, my 3bet% this session must have been like 20 and I failed to notice that same fact so I think people exploited me easily today :(

Very frustrating. First of all, I'm only winning at 2ptbb and I want to win at 3, the very minimum. There's still much work to be done.

Only had one hand that's worth discussing: - Villain here is unknown, seems bad. Good flop for my hand, flop a good hand with a good chance that I'll get action. I cbet and he flats... now, when he just calls I think most times he's gonna have either a weakish K (like KT/KJ), a strong Q like AQ/QJ, draws (FDs and str8s) and a small percentage of the times he's gonna be slowplaying a big hand, like top 2 or a set of 8s.

Turn is a perfect card because it bricks completely BUT adds a backdoor FD to my hand which basically means I have a boner by this time. I bet fairly close to the pot because I'd expect his hand to be defined after his reaction to the bet. He just calls again which basically means that he wasn't slowplaying on the flop (most times people act on the turn in case they slowplay the flop) so he's either on a draw (my money is on this at the time), a strong K and a very small percentage of the times AQ. River is a very good card for me because it pairs the board and every possible thing missed. I don't think I'm going to get 3 streets of value out of 1 pair hands that he has (even though he looks very showdown bound) and the best way to extract value from the rest of his range (i.e. missed draws) is by checking it to him here.

His river bet is hilarious because it makes me think he decided to turn something like KJ/AQ into a bluff here (most times I think missed draws just bet like $80 or something into that pot) so I shove the extra 11 bucks into the pot. He calls and mucks quickly. I was kinda surprised to see QJo but whatever, people are tools and I collect my biggest pot ever.

Broke the 60k hand mark for the month today so there's that. I'm at 177k VPPs atm.

Overall it was a shitty session. I also ran about 3 buyins below AIE so that's good because it shows that people need to suckout on me in order to win stacks (had my first AA < AK in 2 months)

Just to close this post, here's one of the most hilarious vids I've seen in a while (20 minutes or so lolol)



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Andas a roubar dinheiro aos pobres...

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