Saturday, August 9, 2008

August 9th

This limit pisses me off.

It's like, one day I have a fantastic session and the next day I lose basically everything I worked for.

Played about 2k hands today, quit the session because I didn't feel like I was playing good poker anymore and might as well quit and prevent any more damage.

Dont think I played bad or anything, just lost a couple of stacks in cooler/suckout spots.

3 big hands from today: -> guy here was LAG, not very good... I had 3 bet him earlier in the session and I noticed he was starting getting frustrated with me.

Standard PF raise to get this HU if possible and I get his call. Flop comes like that, VERY drawy and I have TPTK with the nut BDFD (and efectively a blocker to the FD). I make my standard cbet and he just insta shoves... when he insta shoves I don't think he ever shows up with hands like 88 77 (QQ is unlikely) so the hands I'm going to see here more often are going to be something like KcQx or a flush draw so I pretty much snap called his shove. He happened to have a better hand than I assumed (gutter + FD) but I was a favorite nevertheless... I lost so that's no big of a deal. -> guy here is a sLAG, decent reg... I have a peculiar history with this guy, which involves some light 3 and 4 betting (he rarely calls my 3 bets, only folds or 4 bets) so I chose to just call here given that I have position and I think I will be able to profitably play this hand like this.

Flop comes a monotone which is kinda scary but nevertheless, I have top 2 pair. He cbets and I raise because, you know, I have top 2 on a drawy board and I want to get this in. He pretty much snap shoves which instantly lead me to believe he has EXACTLY a set of 3's here (AAA or QQQ is unlikely) but his range is made up by so many stuff like AxKs, KsJx that I pretty much felt like I was obligated to call. My instinct was correct and more and more I feel like I have to trust it at this limit because regulars always have what they rep (even moreso than at micro stakes, as dumb as that sounds) -> guy here is unknown.

Standard PF raise and the flop comes rather drawy but I have an overpair so I want to bet and get the money in ASAP. I make a cbet and he calls... now, when he calls he pretty much always has top pairs, flush draws, big hands like sets slowplaying and weaker overpairs "kinda" slowplaying... turn is a trojan horse in this particular spot because it improves my hand but it completes the flush. Nevertheless I'm still happy to get it in against his range because he can still have hands like AsTx, slowplaying sets and even if he has a flush I still have a bunch of outs to improve on the river. He happened to have a flush in this spot but I think I still like my bet/call line on the turn.

That's it for today.


andysoa said...

Meteste todas com o top2 numa board só de uma cor, tavas doente? Pensei que só metias todas com nuts... Temos que falar, pode ser sida isso.

Tripas said...